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TaiKoo Hui

Case Study

The heart of one of the most incredible washrooms created. This washroom is expressed as a bright grotto, a contemporary abstraction of nature. The commercial building surrounding this area receives thousands of visitors each day, which meant that dealing with high traffic had to be a priority, without compromising the design aesthetic.

The design aims to tie back indoor public space to nature, formally as well as environmentally. Sustainability, spatial sculpting and human comfort were a focus of the whole design.

Indoor plants are utilised to purify air, raise indoor oxygen level, and add life and natural colour. The plants are grown above human level for better management and tidiness. Pots are hidden inside the GRG furring, to enable the plants to form pure strokes of green. Irrigation utilizes grey water collected from the wash basins, supported by a local filtration system.

The new washbasin counter is an all-in-one station. The white Corian® counter curves up to join the LED lighting strip, mirror and ceiling as one integral piece, with a tree-shaped silhouette echoing its collection of grey water for irrigation. An integrated Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer is installed for sustainability and cleanliness: this reduces dripping water on the counter-top and floor to a minumum, saving space and paper towels.

Location: TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou, China
Client: TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou, Swire Properties 

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